ConsuNova Avionics Gap Analysis

Avionics Gap Analysis

Bridging Aerospace and Defense Compliance Gaps . . .Optimized!

Complete assessment of your current practice vs. DO-178C, DO-254 and ARP 4754A/4761.

Avionics Certification Services by ConsuNova

Avionics Certification Services

Illuminating Gaps, identifying reuse, providing compliance strategy and estimating cost.

Audits, Reviews & Strategies showing compliance to FAA/EASA/MIL-Aero.

Avionics Trainings and Workshops

Most Recognized and Optimized Training Modules.

Always UpToDate, customized (on-site or remote).

Avionics Certification Services by ConsuNova

Engineering Augmentation

Active senior engineering experts in all avionics areas.

Audits, Reviews & Strategies showing compliance to FAA/EASA/MIL-Aero.

Source of Avionics Process Templates

Optimized Templates for DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4761/4754A.

UpToDate , customizable and tool/process agnostic.

Collection of Avionics Whitepapers

Wide Range of Avionics Technical Papers written by hands-on experts.

Avionics Whitepapers on a wide range of topics related to certification and compliance.

ConsuNova is Proven

Expert Avionics Team

ConsuNova has largest active senior avionics engineers and FAA Consulting DERs.

Verified Certification Path

ConsuNova experts have certified more Avionics Systems than any other competitors combined.

Breadth of Avionics Knowledge

ConsuNova experts are active members of RTCA/EUROCAE defining new certification rules.

ConsuNova's "GEARS" to Bridge the Compliance Gaps . . .

ConsuNova Traceablity Tool

Sotware Traceability Tool

Software Review Life-Cycle Management

Review Life-Cycle Management

ConsuNova On-Demand Process Templates Shop

On-Demand Process Templates Shop

ConsuNova Avionics Blog

ConsuNova blog Information Exchange


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