DO-178C and DO-254 Services
  • ConsuNova is a leading global provider of certification, compliance engineering services and solutions for safety-critical systems to the aerospace and defense industries.
  • ConsuNova brings practical solutions to certification projects, built on decades of experience to ensure your project’s compliance with FAA and EASA standards.
  • ConsuNova DO-254 and DO-178C Certification Experts are hands-on working engineers rather than the typical lecturers!
  • ConsuNova Training courses and workshops cover all disciplines from management to practitioners in DO-254, DO-178C and many other standards.
  • ConsuNova proprietary Gap Analysis identifies the gaps in your DO-254 or DO-178B or DO-178C process and optimally closes those gaps.
  • ConsuNova connects its experienced engineering team to the practical implementation of DO-178 and DO-254 Certification process to develop workable and clear solutions.
  • We provide EASA/FAA Compliance Solutions faster & in the most cost-effective way.
  • ConsuNova is the only legal owner or licensee of all intellectual property (IP) rights including, but not limited to; this website, training material, white-papers, process templates, checklists and associated products. Our IP library is inclusive of all content originating with HighRely, subsequently purchased by Atego and finally by PTC. These works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved.
  • Integrity demands that we serve our customers while protecting your legal interests with ours.