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Reza Madjidi, ConsuNova CEO Reza Madjidi
(FAA Consulting DER)

Reza Madjidi is responsible for driving ConsuNova global business strategy and operations. Mr. Madjidi is an active FAA Systems & Equipment DER (Software). Reza provides training, detailed gap analysis and avionics certification optimization strategies to companies worldwide. Previously, Mr. Madjidi served as the Vice President of Global Services at Atego and was the co-founder of HighRely Inc. With 20+ years of embedded avionics experience including the development of many critical embedded avionics and safety-critical systems, he is considered a leading expert on avionics certification. Mr. Madjidi has consulted with 30+ of the world’s 50 largest aerospace companies. With a BSc and MBA, Mr. Madjidi has focused on avionics software, systems, and hardware development, as well as products. Reza Madjidi has been the inventor of various software tools and solution services, including Atego Trace, Atego Check, and widely adopted gap analysis strategies for software and hardware compliance with FAA/EASA standards DO-178 and DO-254.


Mike Smith, ConsuNova VP, Business Development Mike Smith
Vice President of Business Development

Mike Smith has 25 year experience in marketing, sales and business development for engineering and technology driven companies. In that time he has been a catalyst to growth. He brings an intense customer service and market focus to ConsuNova. Mr. Smith plays a critical role in connecting our customers, engineering team and ancillary support services needed to ensure the overall success of our customers and their projects. He has a proven ability to work with key stake holders in an organization, from top to bottom of the corporate organizational chart, to resolve problems, mediate, negotiate and find creative solutions. Cross functional team leadership and core strengths as a good communicator and listener, help him provide an understanding of what drives business decisions and the people who make them.


Dave Cassidy, ConsuNova VP of Engineering Dave Cassidy
Vice President of Engineering

Dave Cassidy brings his 25+ years of avionics embedded-systems and software-engineering expertise to our customer projects. He thrives by implementing lean solutions for avionics certification programs. He has designed and implemented advanced SW architecture for numerous embedded safety-critical systems. Mr. Cassidy is truly a hands-on engineer with exceptionally strong teaching talent delivering advanced workshops in SW architecture, design, requirements, testing and development strategies. Dave’s deep knowledge in DO-178C and DO-254 has brought many success stories to our clients over the past 15 years.


Dennis Wallace, Managing DER Dennis Wallace
Managing DER

Dennis Wallace is our authority DER expert with 40+ years of civil and military aviation projects; including aircraft maintenance, quality assurance, airborne software and electronic hardware development. Mr. Wallace brings vast knowledge with OEMs and TSO manufacturers in many areas such as glass cockpits, flight control computers, auto pilots, ice protection systems, ARS, AHRS, ADHRS, COM/NAV, data concentrator units, moving map displays, and instruments. As a previous FAA Technical Specialist, Dennis shares with our clients his 15+ years of direct FAA involvement including his participation in RTCA committees, numerous certification audits, as well as teaching in FAA Academy for courses: Using the Object Oriented Technologies in Aviation (OOTiA), DO-178B and DO-254. Dennis’s unmatched and diverse knowledge in certification not only directs ConsuNova’s DER team, it also leads our clients to success with concrete compliance strategies.


John Dawson, Senior Consulting DER John Dawson
Senior Consulting DER

John is our expert DER with 15+ years in Avionics Certification. Extensive experience with commercial avionics certification process for Level A products (SW and HW); including certification support on B787-8, B787-9, B777-200, B777-300, B737-700, B737-800, MD-10, and MD95/B717 airplanes. He has been an active contributor to the SAE S-18 Aircraft & Systems Development and Safety Assessment, EuroCAE committee (WG-72) on Aeronautical Systems Security, and to ARINC committee on Integrated Modular Avionics. John’s deep technical knowledge in Systems Integration and Platform-Systems augmented with his practical ARP 4754A/4761 has solved many of our customer’s complex projects.


Greg Wilson, Certification Advisor Greg Wilson
Senior Certification Advisor (STC, TSO, Flight Analyst)

Greg Wilson Manages the definition, design and development of Avionics Systems. 27+ years of experience in Project / Program / Product Management, FAA Certification compliance, Unmanned Aerial Aircraft and Systems, Systems Engineering, and System Safety. Greg is ConsuNova expert in (Systems and Equipment, Technical Standard Order, Software, Airborne (Complex) Electronic Hardware, Flight Analyst). Mr. Wilson has in-depth knowledge in Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and setting up Quality Systems. Greg also enjoys flying single-engine airplanes as a Private Pilot.


Mort Leith, ConsuNova Senior Safety & Reliability Advisor Mort Leith
Senior Safety & Reliability Advisor

Mort Leith has delivered more safety analysis and Reliability Predictions for commercial and military avionics projects than any other safety engineer. In his 25+ years of experience, he has developed safety analysis from aircraft level down to component level. Mr. Leith’s expertise comprises identifying all functional hazards & generation of fault trees providing quantitative proof that the accomplished probability of occurrence is acceptable per SAE ARP 4761 & 4754 (Commercial Safety/Certification standards). He has also performed FMECA (including BIT), safety analysis per MIL-STD-882, & Functional Hazards Analysis (FHA) on various electrical control boards using quantitative Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).


Emmett Dignan, ConsuNova Senior Systems Consultant Emmett Dignan
Senior Systems Advisor

Emmett Dignan has extensive knowledge in Airspace Integration for the UAV: CNS/ATM, Sense and Avoid, Conflict/Collision Avoidance. In addition, he has been the lead system verification engineer for Attitude and Navigation sensors, including triplex Embedded GPS Inertial and dual Wide Area Differential GPS. Mr. Dignan is exceptionally capable in System test at various levels (Flight, Ground, Lab), Systems validation against aircraft leading to STC and TSO. Emmett has also helped companies plan their DO-178 compliance from ground up.