Avionics Systems and Safety Training

ARP-4754A and ARP-4761 Training

Full objectives coverage of the Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) for aircraft systems development and avionics safety and how to achieve avionics systems certification.

What would your Engineers learn?

Each of the methods for conducting the Safety Assessment Process, including worked examples for each of the core techniques. We discuss the regulatory framework in which ARP-4761 fits, and describe how it relates to other guidance for civil airborne systems and equipment, especially the relationship with the recently updated ARP-4754A.

Distinguishing between and understanding, Functional Design Assurance Level (FDAL) and Item Design Assurance Levels (IDALs) are key to truly understanding ARP-4754A.

ConsuNova ARP 4754a and ARP 4761 Training

Describing and working through each of the core techniques of ARP-4761 to include: Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Common Cause Analysis (CCA), including each of the sub-analyses of Zonal Safety Analysis, Common Mode Analysis and Particular Risk Analysis.

Details for the systems planning, implementation, verification and validation processes along with the specific objectives applied for each Design Assurance Level (DAL).

Each Avionics Training is Customized

 - ARP 4761 Fundamentals; How Design for Safety
- Reliability Theory
- Functional Hazard Assessment
- Preliminary System Safety Assessment and the System Safety Assessment
- System Safety Analysis Tools and Techniques of ARP 4761
- Fault Tree Analysis, dependency diagrams and Markov analysis
- Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
- Common Cause Analysis
- Examples – Putting it All Togethe

- Introduction and Overview of ARP-4754A
- ARP 4754A Relationship with Other Guidelines
- Relationship to Safety Assessment Processes
- Systems Engineering Processes & Documentation
- Architectural Considerations & General Principals
- FDALs, IDALs, and DAL Determination
- Requirements Validation & System Verification
- Worked Examples

- Overview of the Certification Process in relation to TC/STC vs TSO/ETSO products
- Emphasis on ARP 4754A (Systems Development) in relation to DO-178C.
- Emphasis on ARP 4761/4761A (Safety Assessment).
- Overview of DO-254 and relationship/similarities to DO-178C process.

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