Comprehensive DO-178 Training

DO-178 Training
  • This DO-178C training offers full DO-178C life-cycle topics; from DO-178C Planning through Verification and DO-178C Compliance.
  • Attendees will learn how best to determine the exact application of DO-178 to various components within their system.
  • Learn differences between DO-178A, DO-178B and DO-178C (DO-178 History Explained).
  • Learn the DO-178C relationship with Systems and Safety (ARP-4754 and ARP-4761).
  • Learn the real intent of DO-178C industry best practices to become efficient application of DO-178C.
  • Learn process of developing DO-178 compliant requirements, design, implementation, and verification are all thoroughly covered. Best practices and avoiding common mistakes are also explored in great detail.
  • Learn to assess DO-178 gaps in your organization, along with DO-178C cost estimation.

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Why Choose ConsuNova?

  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or no final payment due.
  • Customized for each private training (focused topics).
  • FREE copies of proprietary DO-178C PSAC and DO-254 PHAC templates to expedite your planning.
  • FREE access to adviceGEAR (an extensive knowledgebase for compliance and/or certification).
  • Each trainer with 20+ years of Avionics experience; real training by real avionics engineers.
  • Trainers with DER & hands-on avionics experience.
Prerequisites Who Should Attend Attendees Receive
  • Basic understanding of software or hardware development
  • Technical degree not required: suitable for non-technical managers
  • Software Engineers, Systems Engineers
  • Test Engineers, Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Managers
  • Complete Electronic Training Manual
  • FREE DO-178C PSAC and DO-254 PHAC Templates
  • FREE access to adviceGEAR (ConsuNova’s Library of Whitepapers and selected hard-to-find industry publications)
Primary DO-178C Training Topics Advanced DO-178C Training Topics
  • DO-178 & History, Introduction & Needs
  • DO-178C Principles
  • ARP 4761 Safety Assessments
  • ARP 4754 Systems Engineering & Relationship to DO-178
  • Document Hierarchy & Criticality Levels
  • Explained DO-178C Certification Plans (PSAC, SCMP, SVP, SDP, SQAP)
  • System & Requirements Details
  • DO-178 Design Aspects
  • DO-178 Implementation, Coding and Reviews
  • DO-178 Verification & Overview and Objectives
  • DO-178 Traceability Objectives & Tools/Methods
  • DO-178 Verification Best Practices
  • Successful DO-178 Compliance Audits
  • Software Tool Qualification
  • DO-178C Structural Coverage, Tools & Strategies
  • DO-178 Requirements Exercise
  • Problem Reporting & Streamlining
  • Gap Analysis & Reverse Engineering
  • Design, Data & Control Flow
  • COTS Usage in DO-178C
  • Previously Developed Software and Reuse
  • DO-178C Mistakes & Prevention
  • Discuss DO-178C Supplements:
    • DO-330 Software Tool Qualification
    • DO-331 Model-Based Development and Verification
    • DO-332 Object-Oriented Technology
    • DO-333 Formal Methods Supplement
  • DO-178C Cost Estimation & Metrics

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