Compliant Avionics Process Templates & Checklists

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ConsuNova's comprehensive set of Process Templates and Checklists are fully compliant with DO-178C and DO-254.



ConsuNova DO-178 and DO-254 Templates and Checklists that have been reviewed and deployed successfully on projects under FAA, EASA and Military compliance authorities.


Expedite Schedule

The intent of ConsuNova DO-254/178 Process Templates is to expedite your project to become fully compliant in the shortest time possible.



ConsuNova DO-178C checklists and DO-254 Checklists include carefully selected fields to capture required review elements with questions categorized and referencing standards used when applicable.

DO-178C Templates & Checklists

- PSAC – Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
- SDP – Software Development Plan
- SVP – Software Verification Plan
- SQAP – Software Quality Assurance Plan
- SCMP – Software Configuration Management Plan
- SRS – Software Requirements Standards
- SDS – Software Design Standards
- SCS – Software Coding Standards
- SCI – Software Configuration Index
- SECI – Software Environment Configuration Index

- PHAC – Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
- HDP – Hardware Development/Desing Plan
- HVVP – Hardware Validation and Verification Plan
- HPAP – Hardware Process Assurance Plan
- HCMP – Hardware Configuration Management Plan
- HRS – Hardware Requirements Standards
- HDS – Hardware Design Standards
- HVVS – Hardware Validation and Verification Standards

Set of 40+ Compliant Checklists covering the following lifce-cycles:

- Review Checklists for All Planning Documents
- Review Checklists for All Aspects of Development
- Review Checklists for All Aspects of Verification, Test and Analysis
- Audit Checklists for SQA Activities
- SOI (Stages of Involvement) Checklists for Compliance Audits

- PSCP Template: Project Specific Certification Plan
- PSSA Template: Preliminary System Safety Assessment
- System Safety Assessment Review Checklist
- System Requirements Review Checklist
- FTA Checklist: Fault Tree Analysis Review Checklist
- FHA Checklist: Functional Hazard Analysis Review Checklist
- System Design Review Checklist

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