Comprehensive DO-254 Training

ConsuNova DO-254 training covers the full DO-254 development life-cycle; including topics from DO-254 Planning through DO-254 Verification & Audits.

Every DO-254 Training is offered on-site in your facility or Virtual Instructor-led Training

What would the Hardware Engineers learn?

How best to determine the exact application of DO-254 to various components within their system.

DO-254 relationship with Systems and Safety (ARP-4754 and ARP-4761).

process of developing DO-254 compliant requirements, design, implementation, and verification.

ConsuNova Optimized DO-254 Training Benefits

Industry best practices along with how to efficiently deploy and execute them for DO-254 compliance.

How to sucessfuly pass a DO-254 Audit.

Most Optimized DO-254 practices and implementation.

Learn to assess DO-254 gaps in your organization.

Each DO-254 Training is Customized

- DO-254 & History, Introduction & Needs
- DO-254 Principles
- ARP 4761 Safety Assessments
- ARP 4754 Systems Engineering & Relationship to DO-178
- Document Hierarchy & Criticality Levels
- Explained DO-254 Certification Plans (PHAC, HCMP, HVVP, HDP, HPAP)
- DO-254 Design Aspects
- DO-254 Implementation and Reviews
- DO-254 Verification & Overview and Objectives
- DO-254 Traceability Objectives & Tools/Methods
- Successful DO-254 Compliance Audits
- Tool Qualification

 - DO-254 Advanced Methods, Tools & Strategies
- DO-254 Requirements Exercise
- Problem Reporting & Streamlining
- Gap Analysis & Reverse Engineering
- DO-254 Verification Best Practices
- Functional Failure Path Analysis (FFPA)
- DO-254 Elemental Analysis

- Overview of the Certification Process in relation to TC/STC vs TSO/ETSO products
- Emphasis on ARP 4754A (Systems Development) in relation to DO-178C.
- Emphasis on ARP 4761/4761A (Safety Assessment).
- In-depth DO-254 Planning.
- Walkthrough of DO-254 Planning Samples and Templates.
- Performing Compliance Audits.
- Requirement’s and Design Workshop/Samples.
- Best practices for Previously Developed HW (PDH) Compliance and Reverse Engineering.
- Options for DAL-D Compliance or Military Compliance.
- In-depth Function Failure Path Analysis (FFPA) Methods.
- Emphasis on differences between FAA vs. EASA compliance.
- Single Event Effects (SEE) and Sing Even Upsets (SEU).
- Simple Electronics Hardware Compliance (SEH).
- Overview of DO-178C and relationship/similarities to DO-254 process.
- Emphasis on IP CORE and COTS IP.
- Show COTS usage compliance to EASA memo.
- Relationship with System Integration and Equipment Qualification (DO-160)

Steps to optain the best Optimized DO-254 Training

Each Training is 2 to 4 days depending on customization


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Deployment of DO-254 Training

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