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Aug 12, 2019

ConsuNova extends its European Avionics support with establishment of ConsuNova EU

ConsuNova has taken another step forward in response to high market demands by introducing ConsuNova EU. Lead by Martin Beeby, ConsuNova's Head of Advanced Avionics Systems and ConsuNova EU Managing Director, he aims to build on existing capabilities to provide expert local support within Europe and enhancing the global potential of the company.  

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Jan 18, 2019

ConsuNova announces its 2019 DO-178C Training and ARP 4754A/4761 Training worldwide

DO-178C Training and ARP 4754A/4761 Training locations and dates in 2019 added by ConsuNova to meet surging demand. Expanded training schedule in response to market demand for practical instruction and focused topics such as "Optimized path to DO-178C Compliance" – ConsuNova adds locations and dates for the United States and Europe.

New 2019 Avionics Certification Training Schedule:

     -  Bristol, UK – Mar 4 & 5, 2019: ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 Training

     -  Madrid, Spain – Mar 26, 2019: DO-178C Introductory Training

     -  San Diego, USA - Jul 10 & 11, 2019: DO-178C & DO-330 Training

     -  Bristol, UK – Nov 19 & 20, 2019: DO-178C & DO-330 Training

Register now and use the discount code "CNI-T-E-BIRD" to receive "Early-Bird" pricing.

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Dec 3, 2018

ConsuNova, Inc. releases its Version 7 Optimized DO-178C Templates and Checklists

ConsuNova, Inc. releases Version 7 of their DO-178C Templates and Checklists with a promise of higher efficiency and DAL targeted models/modules for clients.  Use of industry proven templates and checklists has long been considered a cost effective solution for any safety-critical systems development.

Complementing the V7 checklists is the ConsuNova DO-178C Upgraded Process Templates. Now more than before, the templates are slimmer yet more targeted and customizable with added notes to differentiate DO-178C Design Assurances (DALs). Careful and consistent terms are used to quickly enable the clients customize each DO-178C process to their targeted DAL. A semi-automated spreadsheet alongtheside of a user-manual will assist the user to create DO-178C compliance table mapping planned Data Items Output to the required DO-178C Objectives for targeted DAL.

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Jul 19, 2018

ConsuNova Inc. has been selected by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), United Kingdom, for certification evaluations for PROTECTOR RG Mk1

ConsuNova Inc. has been selected by the Ministry of Defense (MOD), United Kingdom, as the Trusted Customer Representative to support all aspects of Software and Complex Electronic Hardware certification evaluations for PROTECTOR RG Mk1. ConsuNova support will include Avionics Certification services by managed team of Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Safety, and Certification experts to the UAS Type Airworthiness Authority (TAA), their Engineering Authority and Safety Leads for the PROTECTOR UAS.

For the next three years, ConsuNova will be the exclusive U.S. based company to collaborate with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Unmanned Air Systems Team providing wide range of DO-178C Software Compliance support as well as DO-254 Complex Electronic Hardware Compliance. ConsuNova team will also support Safety Evaluations, ARP-4761, at various levels (UAS, Avionics Systems and Sub-system).

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Jun 19, 2018

ConsuNova Inc. partners with UTC Aerospace Systems and the Academy for Engineering Excellence on innovative approach for DO-178C Training to its global engineering and technical staff.

At UTC Aerospace Systems' request, ConsuNova developed a new approach for the company to provide its engineers with DO-178C Training virtually, in small segments over the span of several weeks. In this way, the AEE was able to replace its traditional in-person, instructor-led training with a more flexible solution to meet the needs of its global audience, while still maintaining the quality of instruction.

By embracing the Academy's latest distance learning technologies, ConsuNova will contribute to significantly raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of how to meet key, potentially costly DO-178C Guidelines and their associated requirements. 

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Mar 20, 2018

ConsuNova announces its 2018 DO-178C Training opportunities: July 25-26 in San Diego, CA and November 13-14 in Bristol, UK.

ConsuNova announces new DO-178C Training and DO-254 Training opportunities. With more than 2,500 attendees registerd to attend over the next 10 weeks, the new dates and locations added for 2018 include July 25-26 in San Diego, CA and November 13-14 in Bristol, UK.

Register now and use the following special discount codes to receive "Early-Bird" pricing:

           DO-178C Training in San Diego, CA on July 25-26, 2018: CNI-T-BIRD-US

           DO-178C Training in Bristol, UK on November 13-14, 2018: CNI-T-BIRD-UK

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Jan 31, 2018

ConsuNova Inc. and Electra IC. have partnered providing, complete Avionics Compliance Solutions in Turkey

ConsuNova continually refines its proprietary DO-254 and DO-178C Gap Analysis techniques, DO-178C/DO-254 Templates and Checklists. Backed by the strongest FAA DER team, avionics experts, and IT Platform, ConsuNova is joining ELECTRA IC to exclusively bring world-class and trusted solutions to the Turkish market.

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Nov 28, 2017

ConsuNova Inc. and Rapita Systems Ltd. announce expanded bilateral partnership

A key mission of both organizations is to provide high-quality, efficient solutions, and use cutting-edge technology to achieve this. Having identified this common mission, ConsuNova and Rapita Systems engaged in a collaboration agreement in February 2016. Following from the results of this cooperation, including joint provision of DO-178C/DO-254 compliance workshops, expansion of the partnership is a natural evolution. By working more closely together, ConsuNova and Rapita aim to provide comprehensive solutions to aerospace and defense customers throughout the DO-178C/DO-254 project lifecycle. 

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Sep 27, 2017

ConsuNova releases a new DO-254 whitepaper "Verification of Robustness for FPGAs and CEH to meet DO-254 & FAA Order 8110.105A."

The understanding and identification of FPGA/CEH component robustness is described as the ability of the FPGA/CEH to tolerate or respond to abnormal operating conditions. In practice, this description is somewhat open-ended. This paper establishes a reasonable boundary or limit for defining the abnormal operating conditions and how to account for them.

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Jun 1, 2017

ConsuNova opens its DO-178C Public Training responding to demand for practical instruction & focused topics like, "Optimized path to DO-178C Compliance".

DO-178C Training Course locations and dates added by ConsuNova to meet surging demand – August 2-3 in San Diego, CA and September 20-21 in Bristol, UK.  "Practical", "Engaging", and "Applicable to our organization" were the most common expressions used to describe ConsuNova updated and improved DO-178C Training material. 

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Oct 10, 2016

ConsuNova offering public DO-178C / ED-12C Training in two Euorpean Locations(14th – 15th Nov, London, UK; 16th – 17th Nov, Madrid, Spain )

Join one of these two-day DO-178C Training with leaders in DO-178C certification solutions and learn how to save invaluable time on your project!

This is not your Fathers’ basic DO-178 training session, this combined training & workshop offers a practical, focused approach to understanding compliance and certification.

These classes focus on, “how-to” successfully implement and execute compliant plans, processes and generate complete support data items. Understanding of the guidelines is important, but knowing how to efficiently satisfy the associated requirements is critical.

Jun 6, 2016

ConsuNova and Rapita Systems to host a Practical DO-178C / ED-12C Training (June 30, 2016: London / UK)

Join this one-day DO-178 Training with leaders in DO-178C certification solutions and learn how to save invaluable time on your project!

Rapita Systems, the leading provider of real-time verification solutions for aerospace and automotive embedded systems and ConsuNova, a leading global provider of DO-178C training, certification and compliance solutions, will host a one-day event in London. This colloquium will help organizations understand and prepare for new processes and development activities that are needed to satisfy DO-178C requirements. This event has been designed specifically to address targeted DO-178C topics and so efficiently deliver the best DO-178C industry practices.

A “practical” engineering perspective is the driving force – for those new to DO-178C, it is the best one-day, classroom understanding you will find, and for those more experienced, it delivers a quick hitting review while expanding on new technologies. This event will deliver focused results – a clear understanding of DO-178C, the implications and time-saving industry best practices.

Feb 9, 2016

ConsuNova, Inc. releases new Avionics whitepaper “Practical Rules for Requirements Capture”

ConsuNova, Inc. releases all new whitepaper on writing better requirements while conforming to DO-178C, DO-254 and ARP 4754A.

This paper establishes a set of seven rules which will allow you to restore some sanity to your projects. These rules, in addition to establishing consistency, promote;

- The understanding of the differences between constraints and requirements.

- The conceptual shift in the point of view of the requirements.

- On-demand ARP-4754 Checklists & ARP-4754 Templates downloads.

- Writing requirements from the verification / test point of view.

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Nov 30, 2015

New Checklists v4.0 and complyGEAR Deliver Advanced Engineering Templates and Checklists, as Needed and On-demand.

ConsuNova, Inc. releases v4.0 of its process templates and checklists for DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200A and ARP 4754A/4761. Now available as needed under complyGEAR; individually or packaged and on-demand via an intuitive and cost-efficient platform.

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Jun 10, 2015

ConsuNova Launches complyGEAR; the Worlds’ 1st and Only e-Commerce Platform Providing On-Demand Access to DO-178C, DO-254, ARP 4754 & ARP 4761 Templates and Checklists.

complyGEAR is the only e-commerce platform of its kind providing access to DO-178C, DO-254, DO-4754A and DO-4761 compliant process templates and checklists. Satisfying certification standards and guidelines leads to creation of an extensive documentation package that can burden and stretch engineering resources. Use of industry proven templates and checklists has long been considered a cost effective solution over time, yet the initial investment and template package can be significant.

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Feb 10, 2015

ConsuNova, Inc. Launches traceGEAR, an Optimized, Cost-effective and Out-of-the-box Traceability Tool

traceGEAR is a complete traceability solution for your entire project with ability to produce trace-matrix from general purpose documents (Word, PDF, Text, and Excel).

traceGEAR automates requirements traceability and error-detection, producing ready-to-use traceability matrices across existing engineering lifecycle documents; including requirements, design, code and test. With simple licensing terms, an intuitive interface and short learning curve the powerful features and functions of traceGEAR provide a truly cost effective solution.

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Nov 04, 2014

ConsuNova, Inc. Offers New Reliability, Maintainability & System Safety (RMS) Engineering Services.

Through investment in personnel, resources and robust processes ConsuNova, Inc. has created unique solutions and services supporting all aspects of Safety Engineering.

The aircraft System Safety Assessment (SSA) is a vital foundation for EASA / FAA Certification. The role of the safety assessment is to ensure the safety of the aircraft, its crew, and the occupants.

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