Gap Analysis

Efficient Compliance Gaps with Roadmap & Cost-estimates

ConsuNova DO-254 and DO-178 Gap Analysis have been widely adopted by many companies providing strategies for Software and Hardware compliance with FAA/EASA standards.

Certification and DER Services

Practical DERs for all avionics compliance aspects

Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) are necessary for almost all commercial and military avionics. The top 20 largest aerospace companies have their own avionics DERs. The other 500 typically consult with an avionics software, systems, or hardware DER on an as-needed basis.

Reliability and Safety Engineering

Aircraft down to System level safety analysis

Safety and Reliability (ARP 4754A and ARP 4761) Experts with 25+ years of consulting and training are the solid basis of the ConsuNova specialists’ reputation as one of the world’s leading Engineering Services Organizations.

Engineering Augmentation

Professional & Experienced Engineers

On-site or Off-site Embedded software (DO-178C) / hardware (DO-254) services including Architecture, Design, Independent Verification, Testing and Reviews.

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