traceGEAR by ConsuNova

Light-weight Requirements Traceability Solution

Cross-lifecycle traceability tools are essential to your software engineering team and the safety-critical systems they develop.

Essential but straight-forward traceability tool to solve this complex issue.

- Our intuitive interface leads to a short learning curve with powerful features and functionality.

- From a commercial aspect, ConsuNova has even simplified the licensing process and terms.


- Requirements traceability across any type of document & relationship.

- Multi-tagging strategies for multiple vendors & sub-contractors.

Portable & Bi-directional

- Editable, Portable & Bi-directional traceability matrix.

- Trace diagnostics for orphan links, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.

Full Report & Cost-effective

- Low-cost and with site-licensing with unlimited users.

- Trace statistics for all components in the Trace Tree.

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