Scheduled Public DO-254 and DO-178C Training Workshop


Optimized DO-178C Training

Advanced DO-254 Training

Latested ARP 4754A and ARP 4761 Training

Our Trainings deliver focused results & clear understanding of DO-178C, the implications and time-saving industry best practices.

Comprehensive 3-Day DO-178C Training

DO-178C, DO-330 & Multicore FAA CAST-32A Certification

Bristol, UK

November 2020

3-Day Complete DO-178C Training

Indianapolis, USA

April 7 to 9, 2020

3-Day Complete DO-178C Training

Advanced DO-254 Training
ARP 4761 & ARP 4754A Training

Training on Learning Critical DO-254 Aspects effecting Highly Critical Systems Certification

Gatwick, UK

Septemper 2020

2-Day Advanced DO-254 Training

Gatwick, UK

April 21 & 22 2020

2-Day ARP 4761 & ARP 4754A Training

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ConsuNova, a leading global provider of DO-178C training, certification and compliance solutions and Rapita Systems, the leading provider of real-time verification solutions for aerospace and automotive embedded systems, will host a 3-day DO-178C Practical Training session at multiple technology centers in North America and Europe.

The two independent organizers (Rapita Systems and ConsuNova) share many practical approaches to the DO-178C framework, implementation and execution delivering successful strategies for testing and verification to Avionics companies across the globe.

Latest information and format:

The mix of training and workshop formats will help organizations understand and prepare for new processes and development activities that are needed to satisfy DO-178C requirements. These events have been designed specifically to address targeted DO-178C topics that have long been major cost and schedule drivers in achieving DO-178C compliance.

The training is designed to be fast-paced, dynamic, up-to-date, given by working industry experts with a shared goal: teaching attendees industry best practices that maximize efficiency in managing and delivering software under DO-178C. The workshops cover the top two cost drivers in DO-178C: lack of workable/efficient process and excessive/missed verification objectives.


Day One focuses on key elements of DO-178C Planning, understanding the key differences between DO-178B and DO-178C, avoiding mistakes and efficient ways to reduce review-cycle and successful DO-178C Compliance Audits.

Day Two focuses on requirements development, efficient ways to leverage previously developed software, and how to reduce verification effort by 50%.

Day Three is a half day session focused on multicore timing analysis within the context of developing software to DO-178C (CAST-32A) standards.

DO-178C Training Agenda


Applying Optimized DO-178C Practices 

1- DO-178C Design Assurance and Relationship with ARP-4754A/4761.
2- DO-178C PSAC explanation in detailed. 
3- Optimized DO-178C process planning (SDP and impact Lifecycle decisions).
4- DO-178C Development Process, Traceability & Development Best Practices.
5- Explanation of DO-178C Testing and Structural Coverage and how to craft SVP.
6- Impact of DO-178C Integral Process (SCMP and SQAP).
7- DO-178C Industry Facts and Compliance cost drivers.
8- Differences and Challenges between DO-178B and DO-178C.


Understand and Fine-tune DO-178C Challenges

1- Parameter Data Items and Requirement Workshop.
2- DO-178C Data Coupling & Control Coupling Analysis by test.
3- Reducing Administrative Overhead for DO-178C Code Coverage
4- Optimized coverage of DO-178C Worst-Case Execution Time Objectives (WCET).
5- Multicore Timing Analysis in DO-178C (CAST 32A Explained with Case Study).
6- DO-330 Tool Qualification (options and challenges).
7- Understand DO-178C Audits Criteria, timing and success factors.
8- Final DO-178C compliance packaging (SAS, SCI, and Problem Reporting).

DAY 3 of DO-178C Training

Qualified CAST-32A Approach to Multicore assessment, analysis and verification.

With the increased adoption of multicore in critical aerospace projects, you’ll learn the challenges involved with certifying the timing behavior of these systems for DO-178C and how these challenges can be overcome using cutting-edge V&V solutions.

You’ll learn how to interpret FAA CAST-32A guidance and produce the work products specified in CAST-32A. Explanation of FAA CAST-32A objectives applicablility per Design Assurance Levels.  Where and how to capture DO-178C Compliance Data.

Shared resources in multicore systems can have a huge impact on the execution time of a task, making timing behavior non-deterministic. You’ll learn how to account for these resources in a way that is compliant with DO-178C and CAST-32A.

DO-254 Training Agenda


Primary DO-254 Training Topics

1- DO-254 Introduction & High-Level Understanding
2- Systems, Safety and (FDAL & IDAL Decomposition)
3- DO-254 PHAC Critical Items & Setup
4- HDP & HVVP Critical Items & Setup
5- DO-254 High-Level Requirements Scope
6- Requirements Testability & Best Practices
7- Breakdown of Conceptual & Detailed Design
8- Q&A / Wrap-up


Advanced DO-254 Training Topics

1- DO-254 Test Objectives
2- Coverage of CEH Design in DO-254
3- Augmenting Elemental Analysis for Coverage
4- COTS Usage & DO-254 Compliance
5- IP CORE Usage & DO-254 Compliance
6- FFP Process
7- DO-254 Audits & SOIs Preparations
8- Q&A / Wrap-up


Advanced knowledge!

Technical degree not required: suitable for non-technical managers.

Basic understanding of software or hardware development.

Who Should Attend?

Almost all engineering disciplines!

Software Engineers, Systems Engineers.

Test Engineers, Quality Assurance Personnel, and  Managers.

Attendees Receive

Best-in-class Training Plus

1. FREE Avionics Whitepaper: "Top DO-178C Optimization Tactics for Planning Aspects"
2. FREE DO-178C PSAC Checklist and DO-254 PHAC Checklist.
3. FREE access to adviceGEAR (ConsuNova’s Library of Whitepapers and selected hard-to-find industry publications)

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