ConsuNova Public Avionics Training Workshop

Each Training is customized & offered as Virtual Instructor-led Training.

Optimized DO-178C Training
Advanced DO-254 Training
Practical ARP 4754A Training
Latest ARP 4761 Training

Flexible Training Formats & Options

Public In-class Avionics Training

Complete coverage of Avionics Training.
Delivered in a public setting or our offices.
Duration of 2 to 3 days.
In-person & Interactive.
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Public Virtual & Modularized

Pick & Choose Modules.
Virtually but Instructor-led setting.
2-hr per Module.
Quick-learning, New Topics & Focused.
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Avionics Training by ConsuNova

Private & Customized

Complete coverage of topics you choose.
Delivered at your facility (or Virtual).
In-depth project discussions.
Fully Customizable. 
Discuss your needs and Customize

Public Virtual & Complete

Complete coverage of Avionics Training.
Virtually but Instructor-led setting.
Duration: 5-day of 2.5-hrs sessions.
Comprehensive Learning.
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Available Avionics Public Trainings Worldwide

$ 1,100/Attendee

5-Day Comprehensive Avionics Training

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training
5-Day; 5-modules; 2.5-hrs each module

Day 1: ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 (DAL Determination & Safety)
Day 2: Optimized Avionics Planning (ARP 4754A, DO-178C, DO-254)
Day 3: Avionics Requirements & Design Workshop
Day 4: Software & Hardware Verification Compliance
Day 5: Software Tool Qualification & Means of Avionics Audits

June 28 to July 2, 2021

$ 350/Attendee

ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 Training (DAL Determination & Safety)

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training 2.5-hrs module

-  Fundamentals of safety for civil aircraft, systems, and equipment
-  Architectural mitigation techniques (FDALs & IDALs)
-  Functional Hazard Assessment
-  Discuss PSSA/SSA, FTA, FMEA, and CCA

June 28, 2021 

$ 350/Attendee

Optimized Avionics Planning (ARP 4754A, DO-178C, DO-254)

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training 2.5-hrs module

-  In-depth Avionics Planning
-  Setting up PSAC and PHAC
-  Common Plans across SW, HW, and Systems
-  Pitfalls & Examples

June 29, 2021 

$ 350/Attendee

Avionics Requirements & Design Workshop

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training 2.5-hrs module

-  Avionics Requirements Types & Stakeholders
-  Levels of Requirements & Notations
-  Capturing Design Objectives per DAL
-  Avionics Traceability

June 30, 2021 

$ 350/Attendee

Software & Hardware Verification Compliance

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training 2.5-hrs module

-  Testing Objectives per DAL
-  Elemental Analysis & Structural Coverage Explained
-  Data & Control Coupling Analysis
-  Avionics Reviews, Checklists & Examples

July 1, 2021

$ 350/Attendee

Software Tool Qualification & Means of Avionics Audits

Virtual Instructor-led Avionics Training 2.5-hrs module

-  DO-330 Explanation
-  Latest EASA & FAA Orders and Approaches
-  Conformity Reviews
-  Performing Compliance Audits

July 2, 2021

* ConsuNova reserves all rights to re-schedule each training and restriction of competitor’s participations.
* Virtually-Led Modules are performed at 08:00 PDT (17:00 CET) of scheduled dates.
* On-site Training Manuals are delivered (Electronic or Hard copies).
* Virtually-Led Modules will be available online for 6-months.

Comprehensive DO-178C Training . . . Optimized

Our Trainings deliver focused results & clear understanding of DO-178C, the implications and time-saving industry best practices.

DO-178C, DO-330 & Multicore FAA CAST-32A Certification

Typical DO-178C Public Training Agenda:

DAY 1 of DO-178C Training Agenda:
Applying Optimized DO-178C Practices 

DAY 2 of DO-178C Training Agenda:
Understand and Fine-tune DO-178C Challenges

1- DO-178C Design Assurance and Relationship with ARP-4754A/4761. 
2- DO-178C PSAC explanation in detailed. 
3- Optimized DO-178C process planning (SDP and impact Lifecycle decisions). 
4- DO-178C Development Process, Traceability & Development Best Practices. 
5- Explanation of DO-178C Testing and Structural Coverage and how to craft SVP. 
6- Impact of DO-178C Integral Process (SCMP and SQAP).
7- DO-178C Industry Facts and Compliance cost drivers. 
8- Differences and Challenges between DO-178B and DO-178C.

1- Parameter Data Items and Requirement Workshop. 
2- DO-178C Data Coupling & Control Coupling Analysis by test. 
3- Reducing Administrative Overhead for DO-178C Code Coverage 
4- Optimized coverage of DO-178C Worst-Case Execution Time Objectives (WCET). 
5- Multicore Timing Analysis in DO-178C (CAST 32A Explained with Case Study).
6- DO-330 Tool Qualification (options and challenges). 
7- Understand DO-178C Audits Criteria, timing and success factors. 
8- Final DO-178C compliance packaging (SAS, SCI, and Problem Reporting).

Testimonial: Michael F., US Military (Jan 2020): "One of the best DO-178C courses that I have ever attended, instructor was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, an energetic presenter, kept everyone's attention, great examples to provide when presenting difficult areas. I would highly recommend Reza to any company needing DO-178C and CAST 32 training."

Testimonial: Stuart L., Program Manager (Mar 2020): "Really well done virtually given the constraints of a national lock-down. Thank you"

Advanced DO-254 Training
ARP 4761 & ARP 4754A Training

Training on Learning Critical DO-254 Aspects effecting Highly Critical Systems Certification

Typical DO-254 Public Training Agenda:

DAY 1 of DO-254 Training Agenda:
Primary DO-254 Training Topics 

DAY 2 of DO-178C Training Agenda:
Advanced DO-254 Training Topic

1- DO-254 Introduction & High-Level Understanding
2- Systems, Safety and (FDAL & IDAL Decomposition)
3- DO-254 PHAC Critical Items & Setup
4- HDP & HVVP Critical Items & Setup
5- DO-254 High-Level Requirements Scope
6- Requirements Testability & Best Practices
7- Breakdown of Conceptual & Detailed Design

1- DO-254 Test Objectives
2- Coverage of CEH Design in DO-254
3- Augmenting Elemental Analysis for Coverage
4- COTS Usage & DO-254 Compliance 
5- IP CORE Usage & DO-254 Compliance
6- FFP Process
7- DO-254 Audits & SOIs Preparations

Testimonial: Andy, M. (Jan 2020): "Giving 5 stars in all categories does not seem very meaningful, but I truly feel that you excelled in every way, and spoke with authority based on years of experience. I learned a lot!

Testimonial: Christian, S. (Oct 2019): "I found the avionics training really useful and clear to understand. Relevant examples were given and the trainer was very knowledgeable. I was able to come away from the training and implement some of the things learnt straight away."

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