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Scheduled Public DO-254 and DO-178C Training Workshop


Optimized DO-178C Training

Compliance . . . Understanding, Implementation and Execution

ARP 4754A & ARP 4761 Training

Bristol, UK
Mar  4 & 5, 2019

Newly Added Avionics Systems and Safety

DO-178C Overview Workshop

Madrid, Spain
Mar 26, 2019

Collaboration with REUSE Company

DO-178C Training Workshop

San Diego, USA
Jul 10 & 11, 2019

Collaboration with Rapita

DO-178C Training Workshop

Bristol, UK
Nov 19 & 20, 2019

Collaboration with Rapita

Our Trainings deliver focused results & clear understanding of DO-178C, the implications and time-saving industry best practices.

Brought to you by:

ConsuNova, a leading global provider of DO-178C training, certification and compliance solutions and Rapita Systems, the leading provider of real-time verification solutions for aerospace and automotive embedded systems, will host a two-day DO-178C Practical Training session at multiple technology centers in North America and Europe.

The two independent organizers (Rapita Systems and ConsuNova) share many practical approaches to the DO-178C framework, implementation and execution delivering successful strategies for testing and verification to Avionics companies across the globe.

Latest information and format:

The mix of training and workshop formats will help organizations understand and prepare for new processes and development activities that are needed to satisfy DO-178C requirements. These events have been designed specifically to address targeted DO-178C topics that have long been major cost and schedule drivers in achieving DO-178C compliance.

The training is designed to be fast-paced, dynamic, up-to-date, given by working industry experts with a shared goal: teaching attendees industry best practices that maximize efficiency in managing and delivering software under DO-178C. The workshops cover the top two cost drivers in DO-178C: lack of workable/efficient process and excessive/missed verification objectives.


Day One focuses on key elements of DO-178C Planning, understanding the key differences between DO-178B and DO-178C, avoiding mistakes and efficient ways to reduce review-cycle and successful DO-178C Compliance Audits.

Day Two focuses on requirements development, efficient ways to leverage previously developed software, and how to reduce verification effort by 50%.

DO-178C Training Agenda


Applying Optimized DO-178C Practices 

1- DO-178C Design Assurance and Relationship with ARP-4754A/4761.
2- DO-178C PSAC explanation in detailed. 
3- Optimized DO-178C process planning (SDP and impact Lifecycle decisions).
4- DO-178C Development Process, Traceability & Development Best Practices.
5- Explanation of DO-178C Testing and Structural Coverage and how to craft SVP.
6- Impact of DO-178C Integral Process (SCMP and SQAP).
7- DO-178C Industry Facts and Compliance cost drivers.
8- Differences and Challenges between DO-178B and DO-178C.


Understand and Fine-tune DO-178C Engineering Challenges

1- Parameter Data Items and Requirement Workshop.
2- DO-178C Data Coupling & Control Coupling Analysis by test.
3- Reducing Administrative Overhead for DO-178C Code Coverage
4- Optimized coverage of DO-178C Worst-Case Execution Time Objectives (WCET).
5- Multicore Timing Analysis in DO-178C (CAST 32A Explained with Case Study).
6- DO-330 Tool Qualification (options and challenges).
7- Understand DO-178C Audits Criteria, timing and success factors.
8- Final DO-178C compliance packaging (SAS, SCI, and Problem Reporting).


Advanced knowledge!

Technical degree not required: suitable for non-technical managers.

Basic understanding of software or hardware development.

Who Should Attend?

Almost all engineering disciplines!

Software Engineers, Systems Engineers.

Test Engineers, Quality Assurance Personnel, and  Managers.

Attendees Receive

Best-in-class Training Plus

1. FREE Avionics Whitepaper: "Top DO-178C Optimization Tactics for Planning Aspects"
2. FREE DO-178C PSAC Checklist and DO-254 PHAC Checklist.
3. FREE access to adviceGEAR (ConsuNova’s Library of Whitepapers and selected hard-to-find industry publications)

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